Sunday, January 22, 2017

We may have found our cruising home! Our Offer was Accepted!

                                            The Kelly Peterson 44' Center Cockpit Cutter Rig Sailboat

Well after quite a few weeks of inquirer and negotiation we have an agreement to purchase what we believe is our perfect cruising sailboat. After much deliberation and discussion, looking way outside our current area we discovered this fantastic opportunity! We really had not thought buying a sailboat over 1000 miles away in Mexico. But after exhausting the southern California region of available boats in our budget we had to go outside the box. So currently we are proud to announce that we are now under contract to purchase a boat we have never seen.

These boats are amazing cruising boats. You can find out a great deal of information at for the whole story and we are very impressed. The current owner is a genuine USCG certified Captain who put her life and soul into refitting this boat for a circumnavigation over the last few years but in a twist of fate took a dream job to Captain a 100' Mega Yacht for it's owner for the next 5 years or this boat would not have come available on the market. We are so lucky to have found it. It's ready and equipped to go cruising now!

So after deciding to buy a boat that we had never seen, we made an offer. After a weeks negotiating we came to an agreeable price. We now have an agreement to purchase and we have paid the deposit. What is left now is to Fly down to Mexico from San Diego to do our final inspection , Sea Trail and Survey to make sure it is what we were told it was. So this week I'm going to do just that.

Nuevo Vallarta Where the boat is docked now and has been since 2008

1050 Nautical miles from San Diego

It's not that easy to get to from San Diego as there are no direct flights. The two choices were to cross the boarder into Tijuana Mexico and fly from there or what I'm doing is to drive to Los Angeles to fly direct as I hate layovers.

I had to previously arrange to schedule the boat for the haul out and surveyor while I'm there.

The plan is if everything goes right and we decide to go ahead with the purchase that a delivery Captain and crew will bring the boat to San Diego as soon as weather will permit. I would most likely fly down again to come back with the boat. About a 10 day bash to weather.

I have also had to make plans to find a marina here in San Diego to dock the boat when it gets here and have spent the better part of the week looking over facilities and walking docks. San Diego is a very popular place for yachts and is very difficult to obtain a slip for a mid 40' boat. I also came across dockmasters who were not to keen on work being done to boats in there slip or the eventual fact that sometime soon we would be living on the boat as we prepped for sailing away. We finally locked in a good mooring which will allow us to do both of those things over the next 8 months. We are happy also with the amenity and location near all the chandlers shops, grocery stores and restaurants.   So wish us luck. Here is a sneak peek at where we will be bring the boat to be our new home once the purchase is finalized. Stay tuned in as this story will certainly be continued.

Shelter Island is the closest docking to the open Pacific Ocean within San Diego Bay

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